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In-One Home Theater Remote Control - Radio Shack - This is an old rotator and controller, redesned several times. If you get one or both parts, you do not know exactly what you are getting. I have not experienced any problems, it works fine. I try not to but anything at Radio Shack, it is not like it was in the 70's or 80's... Thought I was getting a bargain when these closed out for .95. I used it on a lhtweht scanner yagi antenna and I swear it didnt get more than an hours time on the motor before it failed. In fact, they weren't even willing to recycle the wortess hunk of metal for me! I1166 EN Manual 021611- Radio Shack. 15-2130 Guide Remote - Radio Shack. Tek Partner Universal Remote Control User's Manual - Radio Shack.

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Free Radio Shack Universal Remote User Manuals The rotator unit mht have plastic gears, metal, or a combination. All the store manager was willing to do (after I made a second visit to the store for the express purpose of speaking with him) was to hand me a card with the phone number of their district manager on it. Products 1 - 29 of 29. RadioShack Universal Remote User Manual. Pages 52. Radio Shack OWNER'S MANUAL Guide Remote 15-2130. Pages 49.

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Radio Shack Product Reviews - eHam The control boxes are similar, often using nylon or cheap plastic gears. I plan to the district manager, but I'm not hopeful. Radio Shack product reviews by real people like you. Only at - is a Web site dedicated to ham radio amateur radio.

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RC Radio Shack Universal Remote Control Manuals Some of these sets are still in operation after decades. The rotator unit is good for only a small, lht TV antenna or something similar, such as a 4-5 element, 2 meter beam. Looking at the drive train, I suspect it would be stressed by anything larger than a 4 element 6m. For example, a hex beam may not weh any more than the 3 ele 6m but will have a lot more inertia. I also notice the motor winding and wiring was really flimsy. Unfortunately they do not make a dital unit to replace the irritating controller. If I ever get another or do maintenance on one it would be wise before installation to first do a partial dis-assembly, next to the cable terminal block just unbolt the motor and lay it aside, then spray WD40 liberally through the motor shaft hole onto that first gear and around on the other gears to help keep them from rusting. My advice: Don't even think of buying the Radio Shack TV rotor. Go for a decent ham-quality rotor, like the Yaesu G--450A, and you'll be much happier! Radio Shack 15-2130 "4-in-1 Guide Remote". Added in 2004 1,438 views. Orinal operations manual and preprogrammed codes in PDF format.

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RADIO SHACK PRODUCTS BY PART Anything much more will usually quickly wear out the gears. Looking at the specs and photos, this looks like the Alliance AR-303 that sells for almost twice the $ and has received similar reviews. Let me start by saying that the local Radio Shack didn't give me any problem about returning the rotor. I bought a 4 element moxon beam out of the UK and needed a rotor fast. I read the reviews and thought, well, maybe they have fixed the issues on the newer models. Something was loose in the motor and I notice that the top of the rotor actually had some give to it. The rotor did not have instructions in it so I fured someone else had bought this one and it did not work so they boxed it up and resold it. I'm going with a Channel Master or one with a prove reputation. I've had my Model:15-1245 Rotator for 11 years and it is still going strong. I give this unit a 4 because it has been very reliable for over 10 years and has never failed me. -------------------------------------------------- Trying to save money, I decided to employ a TV rotor, in this case the Radio Shack 15-1245, to turn my new Mosley Mini-32a. Radio Shack Products by Part Number. Below is a list of all the Radio Shack products, derived from Radio Shack's website. The list is sorted by Radio Shack's

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Guide Remote - Radio Shack Most of the controllers seem to be similar, with plastic gears that will eventually, inevitably, wear out. I paid Radio Shacks full for one and glad to snag a spare at the clearance sale for . Bought one, used it on a test pole for several days, then it quit. It rotates my Cushcraft A505S 6 meter beam (bottom) and MFJ-1764 dipole (top) very well along with the heavy 10 foot TV mast. Used one for a 2m 5el yagi, worked great for years. The minibeam is great (see my review under HF Antennas), but the Radio Shack rotor is apparently not up to the task of turning it. RadioShack. Guide Remote. Cat No. 15-2130. Owner's M anual. This manual includes a list of 4-dit manufacturer's codes for TVs, VCRs, Cable and.

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Manuals - Remote Homepage - Hifi- The controller is astonishingly loud electriy and mechaniy when it operates. The three-wire control simply supplies current to either a forward or reverse motor winding. About the same size as a rotisserie motor for a home grill. Great little rotator for my Cushcraft VHF/UHF Yagi Beam. Then put it under a Cushcraft A50-5S 6m 5el yagi @ 20ft. After only a few days of use, the rotor became unreliable; currently it is refusing to turn at all. Radio Shack and One For All Manuals. all the info that I have on how to program these remotes, so it's a VERY good idea to print the manual for your remote.

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Remote Controls - Support - RadioShack RadioShack, Online Manuals and Support Documents · SHOP ONLINE. 15-1903 · RadioShack 8-In-1 Universal Remote Control · 15-1904 · Realistic. 15-2130 · GuideRemote Programmable 4-In-1 Remote Control · 15-2131 · RCA® 4-in-1.

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Radio Shack Products - Radio Shack Radio Shack Products by Part Number. 15-2130 GuideRemote Programmable 4-In-1 Remote Control 15-2129 Universal B-Button Remote.

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